Monday, July 29, 2013

Sams Town RV Park/ Valve Stem Kit

(Las Vegas, NV)  Hi  94 Lo 81

Visited Las Vegas on July 12
 This is the rv park at Sam's Town    It was large and right next door to the hotel and casino.
 I went inside to get something to eat and cool down.
 This was inside and hotel room windows surrounded this green area.

 There was a good size food court and I had a good meal.

 Some of these animals moved and made sounds.

 My parking spot at the Santa Maria Elks Lodge.
 Evidence that I was back in California.
 I finally couldn't stand the FM radio anymore.  Some times I could only get 4 stations and they
were less than acceptable.  Broke down and got Sirius XM radio.  I am happy with it but need to
attach the antenna to the roof and bring the line down inside.
 I went through Ridgecrest CA and stopped over to get a valve stem kit installed so it will be easier to air up the tires.  

Temple Square / Utah State Capitol

(Salt Lake City)  Hi 104  Lo  71

Visited Salt Lake City around July 10, 2013.

One of our stops was at the Temple Square 
Lots to see and not much time.
We got in on an organ recital at the Tabernacle.  It lasted 30 min.
The colors behind the pipes changed colors.  Because of the shape of the building, you can hear a pin drop from up front.

Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood
Restoration of the Melchizedek  Priesthood

Utah State Capitol

Salt Lake City

(Salt Lake City, UT)  Hi 98 Lo 71  
Visited Salt Lake City around July 10, 2013.

  I took a city tour that picked up right at the rv park.
Above is the Energy Solutions Arena, an indoor arena for Jazz basketball team.
We were shown many buildings and I just can't you what they all are.
 Here of course is the Mormon Temple.

 This building and a bit to the left was the home of Brigham Young called the Beehive House.
Here is the Lion House.  Brigham Young had this house built for his wives and children.
We ate at the Lion House Pantry.  I didn't expect much but it ended up tasting great and I ate up.

 The tour bus had large windows and I was able to have 2 seats.

We drove through Fort Douglas. During the 2002 Olympics much of the fort was used
as part of the Olympic Village.
 The following photos are from This Is The Place Heritage Park
 This village represents an early settlement in the Utah Territory.
 The buildings were either relocated from another place or reconstructed here.

 Several of the buildings you could go in and a person dressed in period clothing  could
tell you all about the times.

 Washing the clothes behind the house.