Saturday, January 19, 2013


(Quartzsite, AZ) hi 72  lo 41    My first time here.   Arrived in early morning and found
a decent spot to park.   First my son and I walked through the tent and then we hit all the
outside areas.   I don't think we missed anything.   We got a bit to eat and then walked around
 some more.  Plan to do it all again on Sunday.

I feel there were so many items for sale that had little to do with rving.  I did buy a group of bowls meant to allow you to steam different items in the microwave and I plan to use it in my rv.  My son has used his and they seem to be fine.

Sunday we went over to check out the Lazy Daze group.  We found them gathered at an area they marked with
a small sign that reads “Roger’s  ½ Acre”  We spent about 2 hours there and could have stayed longer if I had my rig and my son didn't need to get back home for work the next day. All were so friendly and there was so much info to learn.