Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest House

(Santa Barbara) Hi 52  Lo 40 rain  Here are the pictures from the guest house I am now renting. First pic is of part of the corner window.  Second part is the 4th pic. Second pic is seen from the stairs.  Full pool pic is another window where I have
my computer desk and a tall plant stand. Pic to the right is out my front door.
Below is out my shower....from the bathroom...and from the kitchenette. Last
one is up high in main area.  Kitchenette and bathroom is up 5 stairs. I'm feeling
kinda like a kid again with this type of living.   It will help me with what I still need

to keep and get rid of.  This is a great transition for me on the way to RVing. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

House sold/escrow closed/moved to a studio

Wow, a lot has happened since I last wrote on here.  Escrow actually closed on Nov 18th.  Thought it would never happen.  I was so burned out from the 4 months of the house being on the market.  Having the place show ready each time I left.  The offer I took came in at the end of the 4 months.  Then I had 30 days of wondering if everything would go right.  I also had so much to get rid of.  So many things got put out on the street.  I could see all those dollar bills flowing out into the wind.  I was moving things out up to the evening before the tent went on.  Talk about stress.  I have found a wonderful guest house to rent and I will write about that next time. Again, can't get the pictures and text to go just where I want them.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Escrow...WOW...

I actually got an offer I was willing to accept.  The buyers are the ones who gave me a lower bid before.  This time they came back with 40k more.   The appraisal just came back and is fine.  Now I just have to wait for the home inspection report.  Wish they would hurry up.  I feel like I am running out of time.  The tenting of the house will probably be the last 3 days of escrow.  I am not ready to get rid of the last non-essential items until I see what their requests are on fixing anything.  If this doesn't work out I don't want to be here with nothing left.  Essential things will need to be put into a second storage unit until I find a place to rent.  Then there is the cat I have to think about.  He will need to be boarded for a bit.  He won't like that. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pomona RV Show

(Pomona, CA) Hi 91 Lo 54  Went down to the RV Show again.  Had a good time but the heat certainly showed up.  Lots of rigs to see.

Yes the pictures I ended up taking were those of the Lazy Daze that I am planning for. Love those large rear windows.  Strange, one of the salesmen saw me taking pictures and said something like "you can't do that".  Probably the same one that said that at the showroom. The show was really nice.  There was a tent for seminars and another for exhibitors.  There was a scavenger hunt where you visit 13 certain Dealer exhibits and get your playing card marked.  Then you turn it in and get a Trailer Life Directory or Exit Now Interstate Directory.  Thought I would have fun doing that but the heat was a bit much for me. 

Just as a side note...I got an offer on the house and we have now started escrow. I am concerned about the appraisal so I am not getting too excited yet.  

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Los Alamos Old Days / National Alpaca Farm Days

(Los Alamos, CA) Hi 72 Lo 59 & (Lompoc, CA)   I have not updated lately because I wanted to make this blog mainly my efforts to sell the house, retire, and get on the road.  The house has been on the market for 2 1/2 months so far and no real offers.  At the end of October if it hasn't sold then I will look into renting it.

This afternoon I went to Los Alamos Old Days and then to an alpaca farm at an open house.  Farms to see them were open this weekend.

Parade with horses and John Deere

Two reenactment actors.  Tried to get a better shot.
The 1880 Union Hotel is a historic landmark where the romance of the old west meets the beauty of the wine country all within the charm of the Victorian era. It is nestled in the little town of Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County. The city of Los Alamos is home to antique shops, art studios, and restaurants. It is centrally located in the heart of wine country and close to shopping in Santa Barbara or Santa Maria.


One of the machines to make the wool into clothes.

I believe about a month old.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lazy Daze mothership and Camping World

(Montclair, CA) High 85 / Low 58 
Well I drove down south and went to the Lazy Daze factory in Montclair, CA today. A little disappointed.  All there was to see were (2 )24' and (2) 27' models in the showroom.  They also had an area with parts for sale.

A couple salesmen asked if we needed any help and we said no thanks just looking and taking pictures.  One said, "taking pictures?"  Made me feel that he felt uncomfortable about that but he didn't say anything else.  Wish we could have seen them building or working on the rigs. I took many pictures inside and out but only put a few here. 

You just can't beat the large windows on a Lazy Daze.
I really love that they have a window in the bathroom
and directly in the kitchen.  I want the one with the 3
large windows in the back.
The next stop was Camping World in La Mirada.  I had never been to one before.  From all I have heard, I was expecting the store section to be a lot bigger. Maybe others are. The area for servicing motorhomes did seem to be a good size.  Long day in LA traffic on a Friday.