Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RVW Convention

(Sacramento, CA)  Hi  78  Lo  51
I spent 9 nights at the Convention.  I had just a great time. 
Upon arriving, everyone is met and checked in.  Then the carts take you to your 
spot. I believe there were over 300 attendees. 
Here is Mom on the job
The Oregon Chapter was in charge of parking.
Below is a pic of a Myrtlewood bowl with lid that was in 
a gift bag from the Oregon Chapter. The tree grows in 
southwestern Oregon.

I spent a couple days driving the carts.  Had a blast.
Gathering in main room
The gathering area between all the seminar rooms.
Here is Baby getting out a bit.
Here everyone is enjoying the root beer float social.

Solo traveler group area.  They had potlucks and social times.
I became a member during the week.

During one of the seminars

Block party
Eating out at California Pizza Kitchen.  We also had a movie outing.
Sweet little Katie
All of us first  timers at Convention got a teddy bear.
Here is a sign that will be attached to my ladder.
I took other photos but could only put a few on here.  Wish the week didn't 
have to end.
After Convention, I needed to give the rv a good wash.
A new heater to keep warm.
Still growing
A few days ago, a man who was looking right and rolling
through the stop sign( u can see where the white line is) 
ran into my path.  If I hadn't  swerved left and dumped my 
bike then I would have been hit.  My derailleur was bent and I ended up
with a bunch of bruises. 
Further on that ride I came across this little kitty 
Stay tuned.  I will write another post soon to explain why I have 
been off the grid for a couple weeks.  

I still plan to be at Live Oak for the Lazy Daze GTG in Dec and then in Quartzsite in Janurary.