Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Workamping Job

(Pescadero, CA)  Hi 72  Lo  54   
OK, here is my update on my first workamping job. 
                                       Above is an example of the rv sites that are available.
                                         There are 4 different sections for rvs and 2 main grass
                                      areas for tent camping.
                                      The closest beach is 1/2 mile walk away.  Here you can see Pigeon
                                  Point Light House from the path. It first started in 1871 and is the
                                  tallest lighthouse on the West Coast.
Some of the trail to the beach is all sand
The beach is totally clean and almost no one
was there when I went for the walk.
Lots of little creatures among the rocks.
Sunset looking towards the ocean near the tent camping area
There is an organic garden that is used for growing 
items for the upscale restaurant

30k acres of State Parks surround the property and are
great for hiking and biking.
I am partly working security and here are some 
of the views I have when at work.

The horses arrived this weekend.

Here is my other job.  Working the kiosk for reservations
and check-ins.
Here is the Pine Tent BBQ that grills up great food and 
has drinks.  It is located near the bungalows.  
The hotel has a great hot tub.  The rooms are really
nice with large soaking tubs and fireplaces.

Taken during a drive up to Half Moon Bay.
This one was taken the next day going towards Davenport and 
Santa Cruz.  Lots of kite surfers along the coast too.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Costanoa KOA Campground

(Pescadero, CA)   Hi 63  LO 50
Just a quick blog to show where I am.  Here will be my
campground for the summer.  Just a half mile walk to the 
ocean and you can see it in the picture.
This is the road into the tent bungalows.  
Above is the organic garden.
I call this workampers row.  Under the eucalyptus trees 
are the stables.
Comfort Station with bathrooms, sauna, and fireplace.

Seascape Village circle which is the premium sites
with really nice ocean views.
More of the tent bungalows.