Thursday, March 27, 2014

Things accomplished

( Santa Barbara, CA)  Hi 68 Lo 52
In the last few weeks I have been trying to get things done.
I went down to the Mothership and got some paint bubbling fixed.
Its hard to see it in the top photo but it started down further and then 
it would crack.  
This photo shows the great job the factory did.
Spent a couple nights at the KOA across from the Fairplex.
It was really nice and green.
No complaints about this campground.

Got in the hot tub each night.  This first night there was 
no one else in the pool area.   On the second night there
were some others and I found 30 cents in the hot tub.
Getting a little practice in.
Decided to get this gadget and I have already
used it on someone else's  car.  Its a scanner diagnostic
tool code reader that helps with " Check Engine" light warnings.
I went down south and had Larry Wade install both an extra
propane connection for indoor heater 
and also outside for an extra portable propane tank.
These two items will help me to stay warm when I hit
Fernley NV later in the year. 

I just wanted to mention a new website. The RV Friend Network team has
developed an RV social network.  The address is 
Just like FB you can add as much  or as little of your info that you want.  It lets you 
see where others are and maybe who else in your campground may have 
the same interests.  You don't have to update your location if you don't want to.

I am leaving here in just over a week for my first workamping job.
Really looking forward to being at a new area and getting out
to do things.