Friday, September 27, 2013

Onward to Jackson, CA

(Jackson, CA)  Hi 72  Lo 48
Here was a great rest area layover
Layover at Thunder Valley Casino resort in Lincoln 
There were a couple other rv's overnight 
Layover at Red Hawk Casino in Placerville
Taking a break
Here is some moss that was seen everywhere in Klamath area
on the trees.  I had hoped to keep it going by keeping it moist
but it just didn't work.
I bought Baby a scrunchy sounding tunnel to play in 
but he has no interest in it.
In Jackson CA I stayed a night at the Elks Lodge for only 
$12 for full hook-ups.
Shortly after getting there the sky opened up and poured.
A nice lightning and thunder show.
Baby showed some interest in the noisy cows.
I had a great view.
Here is a great book with Elk campgrounds in 6 
western states.  Before I went to the campground I went to
the movies.  As I was waiting in the parking lot I noticed a guy
drive up and walk into the bushes.  As I watched, he came out 
looking a a gadget in his hands.  That's when I knew he was looking
for a Geocache.  So I went over to help him find it and we had a 
success.  I took a pic of him but its on my iPhone.
Here is the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort in Jackson, CA
My view to the gathering area.
There were about 18 - 20 Lazy Daze rv's here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Crater Lake, OR

(Fort Klamath, OR)  Hi 75 Lo 43
The following are some views of Crater Lake.
We drove around the whole lake clockwise.
Thats the best way to go so you aren't so close the

Formed around 7700 yrs ago by the collapse of the volcano
Mount Mazama. 
The lake is the deepest in the U.S. 
Here is a look at one of two islands and its 
called Wizard Island.

Here's a little friend hoping for a snack.
Between the trees and out in the water you can see
an island.  It's called the Phantom Ship.  We thought
it looked more like a castle.
Tried to see Mt Shasta but the clouds weren't helping.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Towards inland Oregon

(Umpqua and Klamath, OR)  Hi 86 Lo 54
After leaving the coast, I drove a ways and decided to stop
at Elk Haven RV. See the Geese that Baby is watching?
These 2 are still growing.
On the way towards Crater Lake.

Driving around the west side of the lake was scary at times 
when the white line on the right would just disappear.
This is my view out the back at my site.  This is a creek that
runs through the property.
Kathy was good to make us a great meal.

Melinda and I waiting to dig in.
Here are our 3 Lazy Daze rvs with one other type
in the mix.
On our way to the lake.

Here is the visitor center.
This is the Crater Lake Lodge built in 1915.
Here is a look from the back of my rv.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sixes, Oregon

(Sixes, Oregon)  Hi 70 Lo  55
Foggy morning parked at a site before the GTG.
Went to an rv park for the night before the GTG.
This park was a hidden jewel.  With the discount, the price was just $26.
The place looks as nice as the photos in the above link.
Here are computer/tv/reading room on the right and another 
meeting room on the left. 
Someone here is enjoying the morning sun.
During the Ladeze GTG there were potlucks
and there was education
I got up on the rig to do some cleaning so decided to take 
a few pictures. We had a very large private group area that couldn't have
been better.  14 rigs in all.
Had some musical entertainment

There was some good electrical lessons.
Many handouts for more reading and to keep for 
future info.

Some more learning

I just love the campfires at night
My refrigerator compartment being looked at.
From here I am heading towards Crater Lake and Fort Klamath to meet up
with a couple others in Lazy Dazes.