Monday, May 27, 2013

Weatherford, TX gathering

(Weatherford, TX)  Hi 88  Lo 68
I stayed in town to meet with a group of women from RVW.  The chapter is called Texas Ramblin' Roses.  We stayed at Oak Creek RV Park.  The best park I have seen so far.
Above shows the private shower rooms(6), laundry, and kitchen.
There was a covered bench area, and the pool with a hot tub. Cascading water came down into the pool.
Click on photos to see full picture.  To the left is dog walking time.  We had meals and card playing in the Clubhouse.  Baby just took a nap.

We went to the Famous Crazy Water in Mineral Wells, TX  Crazy Water   You can buy the mineral water to drink or soak in a warm tub of it.  We went to a larger tack shop.  As you can see we did get some rain and thunder and lightning all with it.
A group of us went to Clark Gardens They have over 35 acres. There were three different G-scale model garden train on 700 feet of track that go through natural vegetation, trestles and small streams. I took a lot of photos but just can't put them all here. 
The second pic here shows a group of Guinea Birds and are they loud.  I had never seen these before.  There were at least 2 swans there also.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amarillo, Tx / Palo Duro Canyon State Park

(Weatherford, TX)  Hi 94*  Lo 71*

I visited the American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame and Museum in Amarillo, TX on Wednesday.  It was a 2 story building.
So many displays about all the famous horses, famous riders, and owners.
They covered all the different activities that are done with the quarter horse.
On the way down into Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  10% grade.  
Took a few walks even though it was real warm.  
Loved the red and green.  There was no cell coverage or OTA TV.
There was a group of wild turkeys that came through my site.  The light was low so didn't get good pictures.  Saw a few deer on my walks.
I finally found a place to do my oil change in Childress, TX.  They were super nice. Here is Baby in the office.  He is not quite sure what was going on.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taos Pueblo, NM/ Eagle Nest, NM

(Eagle Nest, NM)  Hi 77 Lo 31
Monday I drove thru Taos and continued on to Taos Pueblo.  It is said to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the US.  Sangre de Cristo  mountains are in the background.  The two main structures are believed to be well over 1000 yrs old. There were shops and vendors in some of the buildings.  

I stopped into one of the rooms for some Fry Bread.  This area was very large.  

The last two pics show my site for the night.  I can hear the creek running.  I was in Eagle Nest, NM at Cimarron Canyon State Park.  There are 93 sites to camp and the elevation is 7500' - 8000'.  The price was $10 a night.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM Hi 76 Lo 51

(Santa Fe, NM) Hi 77 Lo 46  
Click on the pics to make them bigger. Saturday morn left City Of Rocks for Albuquerque.  I stopped off in T or C for a bite. I drove around Old Town Albuquerque but didn't see anything that made me want to stop.  Also, there was no real RV parking that I could see.  I drove to Camping World and bought a few items I needed.  Then on to Hard Rock Casino for an overnight stay that cost nothing.  I had a personal pizza and drink there for $5.25 plus tip.  It was very windy in late afternoon and a dark cloud was coming.  2 other Rvers there also.  
Above are my views from my site.

Next stop was Santa Fe, NM.   There was a great historic area.  I finally found a spot to park the RV.  It  cost me 2 spots but I didn't care.  I walked all over and really enjoyed it.  So many shops to go in.  There are hundreds of galleries.  Above is a conestoga wagon representing the Santa Fe Trail.  The next is the Cathedral Basilica Of Saint Francis Of Assisi. The next is my enchilada lunch with Fry Bread.  

Picture of one of the shops.  The middle (800 yr old adobe)is considered the oldest house in the US. 

First is Loretto Chapel. The stairway inside miraculously stands despite having no means of support. The sisters had prayed to St Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.  A man appeared with a donkey and toolbox looking for work.  When it was done, months later, he disappeared without pay.  Some say
in was St Joseph himself.  Middle pic is of Saint Kateri who was an Algonquin-Mohawk. First native American to be declared a saint. The next pic is just one of downtown.  
San Miguel Misson(Chapel) is a Spanish colonial mission built between 1620 and 1626. It is claimed to be the oldest church in the US.  Next pic is of St Francis.  Later that afternoon when I was in my spot for the night there was a knock at the door.  It was Chris.  My son and I met him back in Jan in Quartzsite with the other Lazy Dazers.  He also has a LD and wanted to say hi and see my new one.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dragoon,AZ/ City Of Rocks State Park

(Dragoon, AZ) Hi 74  Lo 53
I stopped by the Amerind Foundation Museum in Dragoon, AZ   A lot of interesting artifacts from the area.  History of the local Native Americans.  
My next stop for 2 nights was at City Of Rocks State Park.  Out in the middle of nowhere but was reall interesting.  The large rocks were made from volcanic ash.  There was a 3 mile trail around the whole place. I found 3 geocaches while there.  The second day there were a few showers with lightening and lots of thunder.  The price was right.  Only $10. a night.  
Took lots of pics and walked for miles.  

The sunsets were wonderful and you can see for miles. Next headed to Albuquerque.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Kartchner Caverns State Park/Tombstone AZ

 (Saint David, AZ) Hi 80 Lo 50   As you can see, the gas prices could be quite reasonable.

I went to Kartchner Caverns State Park
in Saint David AZ  Took the tour of the cavern.  I really liked it.
Here is a picture out my back window the next morning.  I stayed in the campground at the State Park.   There was only one other RV within 100 yards of me.   Below is a picture of a giant sloth whose bones were found near the cave.  It's about 6 or 7 feet long.
Here is an example of the things that grow in the caverns.
There are bats in one section so at this time they do not allow
tours in that area.

 Monday I moved on the Tombstone, AZ
It is touristy but it was a lot of fun.  Its made up of several blocks.  Places to eat and historical places also.   There were reenactments in the streets.  People dressed up in period costume to answer your questions.  I have a campsite about two blocks away from the main area.

Above is a shot in one museum of items from back in the 1880's.  To the right is City Hall.  Took a pic of Boothill Graveyard but decided not to walk through.  The tree is actually the world's largest rose tree.  The original root came from Scotland in 1885.  It spreads over an arbor that covers over 8,000 sq feet.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Traveling east on I-10

(Tonopah, AZ)   Hi 93  Lo  57    
My first night on the road was in Banning CA.  As I came near the city I could see and smell smoke.
There was a wildfire going that burned over 3000 acres. My campground was not affected.  I ended up needing to stay another night because of the high winds.  I was not really happy there.  I was placed between 2 permanent residents.  They didn't bother me but I didn't feel comfortable.  I left Friday for Tonopah AZ   It was about a four hour drive.  This place is sparse but clean.   There are buildings for activities.   I got hooked up and there are many over-the-air TV channels.  The A/C is running full blast.  The regular price for this place is $32 but because I have my Passport America card it is only costing me $16.  Not a bad deal.  
 Here is the sun setting in Banning.   Baby has found himself a place to be while traveling.  He has adjusted very well.
 Below is my place for the night.   I now have someone on the far side.  Many large rigs pulled in after I did.  The office closes at 2:30p.   I made it in before that so I didn't have to self register.
Stopped for a sandwich at Subway for lunch.  Next time I will stop
an hour before that and beat the lunch rush.   I drove on further and
ate at a rest area.