Monday, February 10, 2014

Wrap Up of Quartzsite part 3 of 3

(Quartzsite, AZ) Hi 75  Lo 41
Almost every night you could see Japanese paper lanterns 
rising into the night sky.  They floated off through
the air.
Here is Katie and I. 
Our first hike was to Palm Canyon Trail in Kofa Wildlife
You will see a sign that shows you the palm trees up high.
Coming down can be a bit tricky.
Thats me
The second hike was up Crystal Hill.  Some found what looked
like crystals.
Queen of the mountain.
At the entrance to an old mine.
Wanted to show my name plate on the Lazy Daze
My new SunPro windshield cover that I ordered
online.  It helps keep the sun out and helps against
heat and cold.
Here you can see what it looks like from inside
when the cover is on.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wrap Up of Quartzsite part 2 of 3

(Quartzsite, AZ) Hi 75  Lo 41
During the second week, I moved on down the road to 
hang out with my RVW group.  There were over 105 rv's and over
160 women.  Here are one of the beautiful sunsets as viewed from the fire pit that usually
held 3 to 4 fires.  There was usually instruments that were played at night.
We had a few businesses come in and hold class. Here is 
Mac the Fire Guy. 
This is the third time I have sat thru his class.
There was also a locksmith that came to talk  about safety
and locks.  Rachel Harp talked about all kinds of helpful
items.   She and her husband also do all kinds of work
on rv's.  Redlands Truck Service
came and talked about rv handling and other things. 
Here he is showing you that you can spray the 
foam extinguisher on yourself. 
I found I didn't take as many pictures during the second week.

Here was a great place to get homemade root beer floats
on Kuehn St among the other tent vendors.
Big Al's
One of the most interesting military experiments of the American West
involved 77 camels and a Syrian named Hadji Ali  aka Hi Jolly.
I bought a Wave 3 heater that works on propane.
I need to get it installed.
Four of us LD women ended up buying TPMS.  We
didn't all buy the same type.  So far so good for 2 of us
with TST.  More pics to come.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wrap up of Quartzsite part 1 of 3

(Quartzsite, AZ)  Hi  75 Lo 41  
I spent 3 weeks in Quartzsite, AZ in January and had a great time.  
Here is Roger who helped to hold the Lazy Daze gathering together.
Roger's Half Acre
In town there are 2 laundries.  This is the larger one that also has a restaurant
and $6. showers.  This photo looks like it isn't busy.  But in reality, you had
to scope out your next machine before someone else.
Here was a map of Quartzsite on the wall of the laundry.
Click to see it larger.
Sweet Chica
Here is Roger grilling up some great meat.
We had a fire every evening. Roger was in charge of
that also.
Jimbo and I went to a local gathering for music but 
didn't stay too long.  
Lots of things to buy that are in areas
outside the main tent.
I had a good hamburger at this restaurant.
Sadie has such a sweet look. 
In the big tent you can buy anything and also find a seasonal
job.    69,000 sq. ft big tent fully carpeted.  Then there 
is a midway outside with food and some entertainment.
Beer Belly's Adult Day Care a few yards outside the tent.  They
have a beer garden, food, and music. Best darn burgers.