Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meramec Caverns/ Eastern Kansas

(Stanton, MO) HI 92  Lo 73
I stopped by the Meramec Caverns  because it also had a zip-line.  I decided that the zip-line was more than I felt like paying for soI decided to take the cavern tour even though I had been in the cavern in NM.   I am glad I did cause this one was different and it had a small river going through and I liked that.  I was said that the sheriff waited outside for Jesse James to come out.  Eventually they went in after them and found that had escaped using the river.  During the civil war the cave was used for extracting saltpeter for making gunpowder.  In 1972 a portion of the cave was used for the filming of Tom Sawyer.  I was able to find a spot under some trees to park the rv and I kept the generator on for a/c.
These 2 pics show found around Loot Rock.  The rock the James gang was said to have used to count their money.
The two figures represent the gang and the rock behind them thats hard to see is Loot Rock.
It's hard to see but half of each of these pics are a reflection.
In areas the water is only a few feet deep but when lights are turned on and you see the reflection it looks like they are yards deep.

 After the caverns, I made it over to eastern Kansas to see a cousin.  They live in one city and also spend a lot of time at their lake house.   Even though its a lake, you would have sworn it was a river because it kept flowing.  There is a gizmo out in the middle that feeds the catfish twice a day.  I spent the night hooked  up at their house.   That worked out really well.  Had a great visit.
 We drove all over the county seeing places my ancestors spent time. Miles and miles of corn and wheat in the fields.
 There are Amish in the area.  I know they don't like to be photographed so I didn't get the best pictures.
This top photo shows a man loading his wagon and in the front were his horses.
Here we passed by 2 buggies.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013


(Gettysburg, PA)  Hi 85 Lo 62
I am at a KOA in Gettysburg.  I have a great campsite in the shade.  The site is level and awesome.  The campground has a pool and several other activities for the kids.  Here is a view out my window. There is a shuttle bus that comes into the campground to take you into town and to the tour bus depot.  I ended up being the only one picked up.  When I got to the depot about 45 min before the tour bus was to depart.  I ended up on the top of the open bus in the front.  It was a perfect spot.
Gettysburg, PA         Three pics I took in town.
These were taken from on top of the bus.  There was no way to stand up.  I could have almost touched to tall signal lights as we passed under.
The whole battlefield is very large.  Some of the roads are from that time and some were put in so people could drive around.
There was a tour guide telling us all about the area and battle.  Those of us on top had headphones to hear her better but also could without them.  She was able to constantly talk the whole 1.5 hrs + 
We went through town to get to all areas of the battle.  There was also fighting in town.  Above where the flag is you can sorta see a canon ball that was left there.
You can also take your car and tour the area with an audio recording.
There were so many roads in, around, and through.
From near this spot on Little Round Top , General Warren scans the horizon for attacking confederates. The statue marks the spot where Warren stood on July 2.  The statue was dedicated in 1888.

This building is Dobbin House built in 1776.
I went to the Gettysburg Diorama that represents over 6000 acres of land, 20000 hand-painted soldiers, horses, cannons and buildings.  They turn down the lights and have a show with lights from above and also the building have their own lights.  There is a narration of the battle.

Solider's National Cemetery

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Washington, D. C. (cont)

(Beltsville, MD)   Hi 83 Lo  63
                                                     National Aquarium
Lots of fish from all over the country
                                          National Air and Space Museum
Curse You Red Baron......
So many things to see

Viet Nam Memorial and wall.......1600 Pennsylvania Ave.......Here is Fords Theater where Lincoln was shot. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Washington D,C.

(Beltsville, MD) Hi 83  Lo 63
Above is the Cherry Hill RV Park.  It is on a list of 10 of the best RV parks in the US.  They have 400 sites and 2 pools with a lifeguard.  Above is the check-in counter in a large building.  The brown building is the bus depot for the city and tour buses that come into the park.  Click on the link of the parks name to see more.  Too much to put all here.
Here is Union Station Where Amtrak, city buses, taxis, subway, and tour buses come together.  More than 90, 000 people pass through this station each day.  It was first opened in 1907.
On to the museums all over town.  I bought a 2 day ticket that allowed me to jump on and off the Big Bus which is a double decker bus.  
Here is the Jefferson Memorial. 

Here is the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument separated by the Reflecting Pool.  I didn't walk up the steps cause I was tired and there were too many people.  
Here is a portion of a museum that focused on food.  Julia Childs kitchen, Food on the Go, and the lunch counter from Greensboro, NC which is part of the sit-ins and the non-violent protests in 1960.
Scenes of Vietnam...Ulysses S. Grant bought this carriage during his first term.  This is George Washington's chair has been recovered.
Museum of Natural History  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg

 (Williamsburg, VA)  Hi  80 Lo 68
Here is the Visitor Center to Colonial Williamsburg.  It is so big I thought I was in a wing of an airport. There are buses to take you from the visitor center over to the things to see.  There are many many places to eat and shop at over to one side of the whole place.  You could also dine at 4 places like you would have back in the mid 1770's.  I got there when the place first opened (9a) and parked in the RV parking area in the shade.  In the beginning of the afternoon I checked on the RV and was able to move it into the shade for the rest of the day.  Spent a couple hours in it before heading back to see things. I had the vents open and they have a thermostat to keep on at a certain temperature.  Signed up for a walking tour at 7p.

Here are pics of the jail.  I think there were 4 rooms.  The keeper of the jail also had a living
area attached. The collection of weapons were in the magazine.

There were costumed people all over that were very well informed about period things. They were there to talk to you and answer questions.
In the red jacket is Benedict Arnold. He was giving a speech as if he was actually talking to people of the 1770's.  
There were many shops around town with different occupations.  
Here is the Governor's Palace.  The lady below was the tour guide and she was really great. She definitely stayed in character.  
Here are a couple of the rooms and a bit of the garden.
Many shops around town showed the different occupations.  Each character knew all about it.
Here is a shop for weaving, spinning, and dyeing. 
There areas to walk were huge cause they are actually on regular streets.  There are many houses that were not open cause they are privately owned and/or housing employees.
This was called the Public Hospital.  It housed the insane.  Just so much to see and record that I was only able to put a small amount here.  

Monticello - Home of Thomas Jefferson

(Charlottesville, VA) Hi 78  Lo 64
 I took the day to see Monticello .  I had no idea of size of this place.  You park below the visitor center that has many buildings.  There is a full cafe, theater to watch a movie about Jefferson, art gallery, museum store, and discovery center. After getting your tickets you then go up a level to the shuttle bus.  Everyone has a tour time on their ticket.  That's when you go through the house.  No pictures are allowed in the house.   His vegetable garden was a 1000 ft terrace.  The 2 acre garden is divided into 24 growing plots.
You could seen for miles and miles.  

The next nine pics are found in the basement of the house.  There is just so much to see and no way I could even try to explain it all.
The first is one of the two privies.      Storage Cellar                           Bottles unearthed
Third pic is the cooks room.
Here is the kitchen.  This map shows the house with all the rooms.  Both extensions from the house are in the basement area.  It is that way so that all the workers and work being done are not seen.  

 This pond was used to stock fish for the meals.
This was his garden pavilion.  The original one was blown down in a storm and this one was redone from all the detailed notes that Jefferson kept.