Thursday, November 24, 2011

House sold/escrow closed/moved to a studio

Wow, a lot has happened since I last wrote on here.  Escrow actually closed on Nov 18th.  Thought it would never happen.  I was so burned out from the 4 months of the house being on the market.  Having the place show ready each time I left.  The offer I took came in at the end of the 4 months.  Then I had 30 days of wondering if everything would go right.  I also had so much to get rid of.  So many things got put out on the street.  I could see all those dollar bills flowing out into the wind.  I was moving things out up to the evening before the tent went on.  Talk about stress.  I have found a wonderful guest house to rent and I will write about that next time. Again, can't get the pictures and text to go just where I want them.