Monday, September 17, 2012

Ordered a Lazy Daze today

(Montclair, CA) hi 84 lo 64     Drove down south 2 hours this morning with
 my son to order my 2013  27' Mid Bath

I will be getting the brown with the modern
exterior paint job. Went for the maple cabinets.

I took the option of the 2 barrel chairs and table on the street side (in the rear) instead of the second couch.

Spent some time checking things out again and doing some measuring.  Thought I would need to have more outlets put in but was shown where all of them were and decided that they would do.  Added ones for the most part would be installed from above and I really like the idea of them to be lower and cords out of sight.

I chose two options.  They were the CB and the  manual satellite antenna.  There were many others to
 choose from but I opted for only the two.
We had a tour of others being built and could see the great construction.
The reasons behind buying a new one were:
1) of course being able to choose just how I wanted 
     things since I plan to have it a long time.
2) In the past year or so, I just couldn't find one of  
    this size and floor plan that was less than 3 yrs
Here is my official Lazy Daze Motorhome Manual.

I would have taken more photos but I was just too busy looking and thinking.  Didn't want to miss anything that needed to be ordered or measured.
I was told that it should be ready for pick up in March/April.

Todd says now all I have to do is wait for their phone call. Yeh that is going to be easy.