Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My RV groups and magazines

I belong to the following groups:

1) Good Sam Club

2) Escapees

3) Rving Women

I subscribe to the following magazines


 2)   Workamper

3) Motorhome Magazine

4) Gypsy Journal

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Storage Unit

Earlier last week I rented a 10' x 10' storage unit.  Today I finally went to take some things.  It took very little time and now I have a renewed interest in getting my items sorted and into boxes and to the storage unit. 

I put some more items in a cardboard box out on the sidewalk with a FREE sign on it.   Within 1 hour, the items including the box were gone.  Still not wanting the box to disappear also.  I want to keep using it.

I also went and talked to a real estate broker today and she will be coming to see my house on Monday or Tuesday to give me an idea of how much I can list it for and what I can do to give it appeal.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RV Podcasts

I have 4 podcasts that I get on iTunes.  The first 2 are audio ones and they are great.  They are "Living The RV Dream" and "RV Navigator".  The next two are video ones and are "American RVer" and " RV Dream Radio". You should check them out.   Below are the websites for them.





Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cleaning Out Kitchen

My main objective today was to start cleaning out the  kitchen.  Took out the majority of items from all the cupboards and put on the counters.  So many things.  Lots of do-dads. So many items that I can't remember using past once or twice.  I either put an item in a box for keep or thrift store or put on the street or tossed it in the trash.  Many food items also needed to be tossed.  It felt good to let things go. I still have the counters filled with items. 

The next thing I did was to take 5 boxes of things to the thrift store.  Glad to pass them on.  

Then I decided to stop by the storage place to check it out.  I wasn't sure I wanted to pay for one now because I didn't feel I would be able to start taking things over for a few days so I didn't want to pay for nothing for that time.  There were 3 10'x10' units left at this place.  The lady told me they start disappearing in June when the students start taking them.  That makes sense with UCSB and SBCC here.  I liked what I saw and she told me I could have the unit now and not start paying for it until June 1. That's two weeks.  That sold me.  So glad this next step is done.

Monday, May 16, 2011

 A few weeks ago I ran into an acquaintance and she asked me "what's new?" ...so I told her my plans on selling the house..retiring and getting an rv and traveling.  Seeing her reaction, you would have thought I told her I was going to buy a '73 VW Van to live in.  She made such a face as if in disgust.  I guess I should be careful with who I tell this to and filter what I do say.  Today I drove around collecting info on storage units.  I got a wide range of costs.  I mentioned I was looking for a 10' x 10' unit.  The first place said they had 5 x 19 for $197.  When I didn't look interested she suddenly mentioned a 5 x 15 for $157. I didn't like the long and narrow type place.  The next place first mentioned a 10 x 10 for $219.  ouch   that one was a drive-up unit. They had no inside units so if someone made it over the fence then technically could then cut off the lock.  I don't really need that.  He then checked the prices of a couple other places that were related and the prices were $170.  I drove by another place without stopping before going home.  I looked them up online and found a 10 x 10 for $155.  I think I will be going for that one.  I will go by tomorrow and see it.  Waiting for the rain to start tonight.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The garage

The garage and one of the bedrooms are the staging areas for the organization. I plan to go price storage units on Monday.  Then I will begin to take the boxes over there.  The furniture will stay in the house while it is being shown.  Only the bare minimum of things will be in the house.  Well maybe a little more. Wow...am I really showing everyone my messy garage?

Lazy Daze

Found my dream Lazy Daze in the parking lot today so I took a picture of it.  Hoping the owners were going to return but they didn't before I had to leave.  I've put the picture in the header of my blog. They also had an Escapees sticker on the back.

Real Estate

Going out later today to check out other open houses and look for a realtor.  It's getting close to that time.  I have also been checking the prices on storage units.  I think the prices have gone up in the last couple of weeks.  Can that be possible?  I guess because it's almost summer time that people using them are pushing up the prices.
Still putting items into my storage boxes. It keeps looking like a big mess but I know I am making progress. I am trying to reduce a 3 bd/ 2 ba into about 10' x 10' space.
Can you believe it...my "FREE" sign was also taken by the person to take the last item.  OMG...I still needed that sign for more items.  Maybe I'll have to get another large Rusty's Pizza so I can use the cardboard.  Anyway, I put a few more things out without a sign and they disappeared. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sorting going slowly

It's not easy to get rid of items.  So many are perfectly good and it's against human nature to discard something that still has a function. I am running out of time to get rid of things.  I had wanted to get the house on the market  by June 1st.    Hope I can still do it.  Tonight I got the great idea to start putting items that I don't want directly out on the sidewalk with a FREE sign on them.  So far in two hours, people have come by to take tools including a shovel.  The types of items that are awkward to take to the thrift store.  I will continue to put out items in place of the ones that disappear.  Still will take the easier things to the thrift store.   I am trying to  take a three bedroom 2 bath house and condense it down to about 10' x 10' storage area.   There are about 6 boxes (12 gal plastic ones)of music CD's and pictures that in time I will be able to turn into digital form and that will save space.