Monday, December 30, 2013

Lazy Daze on RVW Jan/Feb cover

(Santa Barbara, CA)  Hi 74  Lo  37
Look whose Lazy Daze was on the front cover of
RVW Jan/Feb edition.
This last weekend I spent some time down at the beach.

The plan is to leave on Jan 8th for Quartzsite.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Live Oak - Lazy Daze Caravan Club

(Santa Ynez, CA) Hi 59  Lo 28
The entrance to Live Oak.  There were approx 103 rigs for the week.
Each morning at 0800 hrs there were the Morning Announcements over
the CB which was nice cause you can stay covered up while listening.  If you 
won a prize then you had to chime in with your name and rig #.  I won a wooden
hand made walnut bowl made by Oscar.
Each morning I woke up, it was around low to mid 30's inside.  I found it hard to be outside 
after 6p with the low temps.  One morning someone said it had gone down to about 17*. 
Here is Terry replacing the LED lights in one rig.
One of my buddies
The rigs were dispersed through out the campground.
The Host Tent where you sign in and get info.
Changing of the guard.

Drawing class
There were several campfires.  

Hors d'oeuvres and drink gathering for the Past Tents.
I chose to join the Caravan Club (#3032)and also the Past 
Tents group because I knew more people in this group.
The Brown Bag Gift Exchange game.  It "Left" a number
of people with the "Right" gift.
Women's Only gathering was crashed by 3 men.
Lots of helpful computer and app info to save money.
Terry's Tech Talk
Here is the Past Tents fun fire.
Lots of laughs
Plenty of room  to park and we had a handful
of SOB rigs.
Craft Sale with lots of neat items.  
Washer Toss Tournament

Last goodbyes of Sunday morning
On our way out of camp.
Over at Lake Cachuma, dumping and taking on water.
I went with 4 others down to Refugio State Beach for another 
night.  It was just as cold down there.
I am back in Santa Barbara at my full hook up spot and will
be here until about Jan 8th when I head to Quartzsite.  

Ultimate Dog Tease

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heading to Live Oak

(Santa Barbara). Hi. 75. Lo.  43

Headed to Live Oak on Wednesday morning.   It's a Lazy Daze gathering.
I have been hanging in Santa Barbara for a couple months since my mom
had a bad fall. She is better but can't drive and everything that goes along with that.
I plan to be anchored here for a bit to help her.  I do plan to do Quartzsite in Jan for
2 to 3 weeks.  
I haven't been blogging cause there was nothing going on.  I hope in the near future things
will get more exciting.