Monday, April 29, 2013

Picked up my new Lazy Daze last Friday

(Gaviota Coast, CA) Hi 82  Lo 48

The pickup went just fine.  I am spending a few
nights at El Capitan State Beach while I deal with
a few loose ends.  I am moving out of my place here and also selling my car.  Back and forth to storage.  I was so exhausted yesterday and realized that the last 3 carloads of items just won't fit in the storage.  I decided to get another storage
unit at half the size and will deal with those few
items when I get back.  This post will be short
because I am still tired and have many things to do and get.  I am at McDonalds right now while a tire shop is getting a nail out of the tire of my 4Runner.  There are no hookups where I am staying but things are going fine.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I left my money at Camping World

(Valencia, CA) Hi 87 Lo 55   I had planned to get a few necessities for the end of the week.
Well I left with a lighter wallet. I got things that I will need for the first few nights.  I also got    
a few nice to have items.  Once I pick up the RV on Friday, I will stay at a campsite locally for 2 nights.  Then heading out toward Arizona and then New Mexico.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Got The Call from the Mothership

I will be picking up my new MB on Friday April 26th in the morning.  I just can't wait. 
Should only take me a few days afterward to load up and take off.
Lazy Daze Factory