Saturday, June 25, 2011

Santa Barbara RV Show

Took my mom to the local RV show.  The show we have here is not like the large ones.  I just wanted to show her what they were like inside.  Until lately, she has been referring to the RV I am planning on to a van.  We were there for about 45 min.  That's all she could handle.  The whole idea is really not her thing.  She is trying to support me though.   I took only some misc photos.   Looking forward to the bigger show in Pomona in October. Can't seem to get pictures to go just where I want them.


    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Nothing much to update. Still more things leaving the house. They are either going to storage, thrift store, being sold or put out on the street. This is a real overload for me to do alone. I need another 7 days though. The inside is being spruced up and the outside is looking nicer. The agent I think is chomping at the bit to get the sign up and on the market.

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Fixing Up

    Did a little more sorting today. So far I have 27 boxes in the storage. I am attacking the kitchen and a few small items from the living room that the realtor says needs to be pared down. The gardener is coming by this afternoon to see what should be done outside for more curb appeal. Then on Monday a handyman is coming to start sprucing up things inside. I have done a bunch but I am really getting mentally burned out. I average 50 hr work weeks and then have to come home and take care of things here. I have decided to just pay and let others do things that don't have to be done by me.