Monday, September 22, 2014

Roundup of Workamping Job

(Pescadero, CA)
 This is a late entry.  Wanted to add some photos from the workamping job.  Here Baby is in his
harness and lead.  Front door is open but he wants to be inside at his window.
Out to lunch with Jen in Santa Cruz.
                                                        Chatting with a few friends.
                                               Trying to stay cool on a warm day.

Here is one of the fireplaces at the comfort stations.
Front of the Lodge
                                                                  Cascade Restaurant
                    Ranch House that had the General Store, offices, and meeting rooms.

General Store
REC - the activity center
Pine Tent BBQ food and drinks
More of the bungalows
View from atop my rv
One of the tenting areas (Lighthouse)
Getting ready for a ride

Out for a ride a few days before guests were allowed
Tried to take a photo of a cloud that was crystallized 

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  1. Well *there* you are! Great to "hear" from you again Sara. We just finished our New Mexico Ladeze GTG and missed you, but it looks like you had some pretty nice Summer digs.