Saturday, April 5, 2014

Costanoa KOA Campground

(Pescadero, CA)   Hi 63  LO 50
Just a quick blog to show where I am.  Here will be my
campground for the summer.  Just a half mile walk to the 
ocean and you can see it in the picture.
This is the road into the tent bungalows.  
Above is the organic garden.
I call this workampers row.  Under the eucalyptus trees 
are the stables.
Comfort Station with bathrooms, sauna, and fireplace.

Seascape Village circle which is the premium sites
with really nice ocean views.
More of the tent bungalows.  


  1. Home sweet home for the summer!! It looks like a really nice spot. I am jealous - right on the ocean and horses too. I hope they don't work your fanny off.

    1. Oh, my fanny could use a little work

  2. What a nice place to spend the summer--enjoy!

  3. What a beautiful spot to spend the summer - what kind of work will you be doing?

  4. Awesome location!! Looks just like Santa Barbara : )

  5. Sara .. an other topic question. A couple of years ago there was a blogger names Jeanne at FourWindowsWithaView blog. I noticed you had commented on her last blog post .... did you ever hear from her? I've always been curious what happened to her and that huge MH she had bought. Thanks for any information.